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Now in new upgraded HD version with 4 - 11mm spine to hinge!

Designed to work on the cover feeders of all Muller perfect binder variants with 2 sets of 30mm diameter creasing shafts. No minimum size spine width, 4- 11mm spine to hinge score adjustment in precise 1mm increments. New heavy duty variant now available with 3 part stainless steel females, no more cracking, stronger more visible and defined crease. 

Click on the image for a more detailed explanation.

Here is just one customer's thoughts on the matter:-

"We have 5 Muller Corona binders of varying ages where the score rollers were becoming inconsistent on thicker stock 250gsm and over especially on dark colours and uncoated material, resulting in cracking and in some cases ripping the creasing area on the spine as well as the hinge. The Rosback TS30 Quad system eliminates this problem. Whether it be a 100gsm or 400gsm cover the new system saves us having to send covers out for scoring and we have been able to run at speeds of up to 12,000 books per hour and the finished result is fantastic."

For more views on the TS30 Quad device see our testimonials page.


The new Rosback Truescore-Pro TS40 Quad system designed for use on Kolbus 600 series perfect binding lines is now installed on the 1st machine in the UK and is currently performing well under trials. The finished kit will be ready for sale in the very near future.



TS30 Truescore-Pro Quad (1052kb)

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Authorised distributors for HXCP china!

We are now the authorised UK distributor for the new and exciting range of Case making and folding machinery from HXCP in Dongguan China. HXCP produce an impressive array of up to the minute high specification equipment.

To see their range visit their website: https://hxcp-pps.com/ or see an extensive range of videos on YouTube. (Till we fully load their equipment page on our website)

We have already negiotated the sale of one of their HX2000 Automatic ribbon inserters to a UK customer for installation in January.

We are now distributing the DELUXE STITCHER range of stitching heads and stitching machines. Deluxe stitcher have the combined knowledge and expertise of 125 years of stitcher production incorporating their own resources and that of the Bostitch and Interlake companies that they now own and are all represented under the Deluxe Stitcher Banner.

See a selection of their equipment in the new machines section under the Deluxe stitcher tab.



Click to download PDF brochure.

ROSBACK COMPANY  have announced their latest innovation: The new 620 and 623 series perforating and creasing machines with removable tooling modules.

For a lot of people the biggest bugbear of a rotary system is the time needed to perform tooling changes. With Rosback's removable modules, even the most complex set-ups can be achieved in less than a minute - changing a module that contains all the equipment pre-set for specific jobs saves on set-up times and equipment damage.

Click on the image to download the comprehensive PDF brochure.

Click on the link to view the video:- http://youtu.be/UbJW_oCwNrU


Following the withdrawal of the Ultimate Score creasing heads from the market last year, this "Gap" in our range has now been ably filled by a new and exciting product. Recently launched in the USA the ROSBACK Truescore Pro creasing heads are now available on Rosback creaser perforators and folding machines with 25, 30 and 35mm slitter shafts.

Follow the link to see the video:-


Download the brochure:-



CAIBACHINA Like everyone else, we were perhaps a little sceptical about the quality of equipment from the far east, 30 years ago the industry was sceptical of equipment from Japan. So we thought that the only way to find out was to purchase some equipment from a highly reputable Chinese equipment manufacturer, which itself is owned by one of the largest electronics manufacturers in China.

The equipment that we imported and supplied so far has proved to be very productive and reliable, as well as very nicely finished. Lastly they represent tremendous value for money, as you will see by a couple of the examples provided on the "CAIBA TECHNOLOGY" page.

Rosback 620 (841kb)

Click to go to the DVGE1 You Tube Channel

Click on the You Tube logo to view a selection of the latest machinery videos on the DVGE1 You Tube channel. There's nothing like seeing the machines in action.


As you know the UK's first Maxima WS semi-automatic calendar binding line is now installed in the midlands. If anyone wants to see this 2,000 calendars per hour line in operation in the UK an on-site demonstration can be arranged by appointment.  We will also be installing a Rosback Lynx saddlestitcher in the UK, the second to the same customer. Lastly we will soon be unleashing our very own 420mm width suction feed digital creaser onto the market, testing of the first machine is going very well!.- watch this space!




File 1 (354kb)

Maxima WS High speed calendar line: click on image for more information


With a range of collators from 35 x 50cm to 70 x 100cm, Maxima have it all covered with stitch fold trim units, up to 21 stations with duplexing facility on split loading tables, left or right side pre - loading, re-marrying unit and low or deep pile delivery options. The Maxima range of collators has everything covered.

The whole of the Maxima collating range is precise and extremely fast, and it's immensely strong construction guarantees a long and productive service life.

Focus on:The brand new MAXIMA model WM Calendar binding line. on the  If you could take all the features of a heavyweight line (The Maxima WS) and cram them into a small unit capable of punching and binding up to 2,000 calendars per hour and making it's own hangers as it goes along..... this is the WM . 

SEE  the WM in action in all it's operational modes by following this link:- MAXIMA WM BINDER

SEE a video of the fully automatic WS Calendar production line b y clicking on the following link:-  MAXIMA WS LINE, Just one part of their superlative range.


File 1 (1330kb)

PRINTWEEK article on Maxima Calendar binders: click to download in PDF form

To download a PDF version of the article in PRINTWEEK about the Maxima WS and WM binders, click the Printweek logo.   (increase PDF view size to 75%)


Don Valley Graphic Equipment are suppliers of:-

Rosback  friction and suction feed creasing and perforating machines, saddle stitchers, and perfect binders

Fenimore Manufacturing collators, stitchers, and punching machines. 

Count Machinery creasing and numbering equipment.

OBSCURE MAXIMA High speed collating machinery and semi-automatic and automatic calendar binding equipment, 

DELUXE STITCHER Stitching heads and stitching machines. 

HXCP Folding machines and case-making equipment


FENIMORE 258 self timing autopunch (Click image for more information.


There is another way. Simply roll up your Fenimore 258 Autopunch behind your saddle stitcher or booklet maker and punch your holes as you make your booklets. Up to 7,500 books per hour, Interchangeable dies in all popular or bespoke configurations and self timing clutch system.

It's so simple!. 

File 1 (138kb)

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